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turtle in the water

After the morning cycling, I've decided to do my swimming in the evening around 6:30pm. I thought there won't be many people.....huhh...banyak kali org ahhh....I've managed to do 20 laps with short breaks in between the laps. I really need a coach, y? those doing the breaststroke are faster than me doing the freestyle...that why.

I downloaded my cycling workout from this morning activity and below is the copy of the workout. We started around 6:17am and finish around 7:20am. So we still have time to have breakfast and come to the office before 8:30am. If not for the puncture, we could have finish earlier and we would have spare time to wash our bikes. :)

I'm using Garmin Forerunner 301 and Garmin Training Center version 3.2.3 to upload the workout to the computer.

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