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1.9KM Loop Run

Bukit Shahbandar Challenge is 16days more to go. I've started my training around my housing area which is a 1.9km loop consisting of 4 hills. 3hari sudah ku start training. So far, i can complete less than 11 mins per loop.Setakat ani aku mampu membuat 2 loops because of the magrib time. lagipun tempat ku berlari ani melintasi hutan......tau tau saja waktu magrib ani, demam karang. My fastest time per loop was 9:07 mins. Hopefully I can do 5 to 7 loops before the challenge. Tapi memandangkan magrib awal masa ani, susah sikit lah......maybe waktu pagi or saturday afternoon.

But this saturday, i'm planning to train at Tasek Lama/Bukit Salilah.......awaaaaal pagi. Kan training di B. Shahbandar, malas n jauh.......nanti saja masa belawan. Seeing from the graph above, the highest point is 51m above sea......antah lurus antah inda......measured using garmin forerunner 301. more practice, more practice, more practice....semangat mesti kuat...

Trail running - like B.Shahbandar and B.Patoi Challenge, you have to do a lot of offroad/trail running instead of road running. This is because to adapt your legs especially your ankle to uneven terrains. Trail running will develop increased balance & quicker reflexes thus prevent ankle injuries should the ankle twist while you are running.

3 years ago, I've come across one runner who is very fit and for sure I cannot beat him.........banyak kali udah and I still cannot beat him whether on track or road running. But on this one occasion - B.Patoi Challenge, Temburong, I managed to beat him. Reason - He didn't practice trail running, just pure road running. For me, I mix it up. There are still few more runners that I want to beat........... 10x more practices.....

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