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2nd Brunei Triathlon - Old News

It seems that nobody covers the story during the 2nd Brunei Triathlon which was held last Sunday, 9th September 2007. That was 2 months ago. I've been searching the web for Brunei Triathlon pictures but nada except for Borneo Bulletin. I think, I better upload the pictures that I've taken on that day since nobody upload it. Kanapa aku inda ikut? Ilmu alum cukup, maybe next year aku ikut.

We follow the bike event from Muara roundabout all the way to Tungku Highway. We miss the swimming event, so no pictures.

The winning bike. The shoes are still fixed to the bike. The PRO style

This is a mountain bike with big fat tyres. I guess 1.7 or 2.0 tyres. Even though this guy rode a mountain bike, he managed to get 2nd place in the 16-29 years age group

Azizul getting ready for the run

Azizul finishing his run. I heard he got 5th place in his age group

Chung Kwei Ming finished his triathlon with a total time of 2 hours, 12mins and 10 sec and took 1st place in his age group 30 to 39

Johnny took 2nd Place in the 16 to 29 age group

Syahmi finishing his run. I think his team win the TEAM category

Sefli finishing his run for Team Event. I think his time is the fastest for running

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