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3 loops of 1.9K

Today afternoon I managed to run 3 x 1.9k in 33:25mins. Still, I feels its not enough. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon i'll be able to do more than 1 hour. I was thinking of going to tasek lama tomorrow maybe around 2pm so that I'll have enough time to practice. nada keraja kah? i'm on my annual leave !!! ehhehe. (2 hari saja).

Actually I was planning to do 5 times (9.5K) but since I have other planning, so 3 is enough. the other plan was gardening with my wife. yesterday we bought some flowers at pasar gadong, so today we planted it. I'll take the photo tomorrow morning since tadi nda sempat.

To buy or not to buy new NIKE shoes for the Bukit Shahbandar trail running. My current trail running shoes is 3 years old and some of the rubber is already worn out. I'm afraid that if I wear it during the challenge, the rubber will come off........maluuuuu. bawa tidur dulu, esuk esuk minta permission arah 'menteri kewangan' what you like and you don't have to run the rest of your life.

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