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The Architect, The Builder, The Designer, The Owner

The Front View
The Back View
The Left Side View
The Right Side View

I've shown the pictures of my house - inside and outside - before, during and after it has been completed. Now I'm going to introduce the people who made it all possible.

The Architect - Louis Gatapia, Design Paradigm ( Busy 24 hours with big projects such as the Giant Superstore project at Rimba)

The Builder/Contractor - Ting Kong Chuong, Ting Heong Ming Contractor Sdn Bhd (He's the only contractor that I know who is smartly dress)

The Interior Designer for Wet & Dry Kitchen, Wardrobe & Doors - Albert Tan & Ah Chan, Richwood Sdn Bhd (The Rich Taukeh with lots of shops - Index, GrowingStar, Vincci, etc)

Aerial / Astro Installer - Peter, Lajin Peter Services Co (The expert)

Telephone Cable Installer - Alirahman, Noraliman Contractor

Lighting & Fan - Hasmit Electrical & Lighting Sdn Bhd (too many modern light to choose from)

Aircond & Water Heater - R&T Electronic Enterprises

Curtain - Poh Hua Curtain (Always out of stock punya kadai)

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Unknown said...

hi Louie,

Wow nice house!