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BRICK work

A BRICK workout is a combination of two activity into one session such as a swim & bike session, a bike & run session or a swim & run session. Usually a bike and run session is recommended for people intending to do triathlon. It should be done at least once a week during training session. This will help the body especially the legs to adapt the changes from cycling leg to running.

Today as usual around 6:17am, we managed to cycle 16:19km in 33:42mins with an average speed of 28.8km/h and max speed of 52.5km/h. After that, I change shoes and continue with 1.71km of running and managed to clock 8:32mins. Actually I was planning to run 2.5km but I was too tired already, so I turn back. Brick work is painful, you have to get use to it. To those yang pernah cycling, turun saja dari basikal, kaki kitani terasa stiff/karau, bejalan pun payah apatah lagi kan berlari. This is what we need to train our leg so that it will get used to the bike/run transition.

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