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Bukit Shahbandar Challenge 2007

Bukit Shahbandar Jogathon Challenge IV will be held on;

Date: Sunday, 2nd December 2007
Time: 7am
Place: Taman Rekreasi Hutan Bukit Shahbandar.

The race is only open to local citizens of Brunei Darussalam. There are 6 categories, namely;

1. Category A (National) - For men national team only
2. Category A (Amateur) - For men age between 15 to 35 years ( born between 1972 to 1992)
3. Category B - For men age between 36 to 49 years ( 1958 to 1971)
4. Category C - For men age above 50 years (1957 or below)
5. Category D - For women between 15 to 34 years (1973 - 1992)
6. Category E - For women 35 years above (1972 or below)

The registration fees is $30 for Category A & D and $15 for category B,C & E. Payment made after the closing date, an additional $10 will be impose. A copy of your IC must be submitted together with the application form. The form submission is at Bukit Shahbandar Recreational Park.

The closing date for form submission is on Tuesday, 27th November 2007, 3pm.

Application form can be obtained from;

1. Taman Rekreasi Hutan Bukit Shahbandar
2. Pusat Perhutanan Sungai Liang, 3230383 / 3230385 / 3230386
3. Pejabat Perhutanan Tutong, 4221237
4. Pejabat Perhutanan Temburong, 5221204
5. Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Perhutanan, Kementerian Perindustrian & Sumber Sumber Utama. 2381687 / 2381013

A brief info: I've participated a few races organize at Bukit Shahbandar and last year was the toughest since they added new challenging route (pure off road), sama macam Cabaran Bukit Patoi. With the new route, it will take you another 1 hour to complete all the hills. Aku pun inda ingat lagi, 7 or 9 hills kah?!!! A word of advice, BRING YOUR OWN WATER / POWER GEL as there is no water checkpoint. why no water checkpoint??? kepisan tu ehhh.......iatah di namakan Cabaran Bukit Shahbandar. Kalau inda ada cabaran, inda tia siokkk......aying disediakan di setiap bukit. Survival of the fittest....I challenge you !!!.

My target this year is to bring along my camera and take as much photo as I can and at the same time beat you at the crossing line.........never wins but never last

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