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Correction on News #4

Actually-nya bukannya menoropong melalui celah celah dinding kayu but she saw a person coming out from the side window. She screams and ran towards my uncle house and the burglar ran the other way. I think kan, the burglar tidur di rumah atu, makan minum disana. I was corrected by my little brother because he was there in the afternoon, membuat lapuran/siasatan tidak rasmi. . Updated on the barang barang yang hilang was OLD tv, vcd/dvd player, udang karing (abis kali dirumahnya) & etc. Also, my brother mention that the Gurkha's dog was VERY BIGGG.........saya 'anakpanyu' membuat lapuran dari sg akar..........yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

(sorry no picture.........menjaga privacy orang)

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