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Double Xcercise - Double the Fun

This is what I call...cuti berabis, full dengan activities. Morning - I did 800m of swim at stadium. At first, I just wanted to do 500m but when i reached the target, I was feeling more energetic than before, macam baru kan panas engin, so teruskan berenang another 300m....antah ahhh aku pun lost count, maybe 300 maybe 400.....masa saja tah. Yang tantunya after that aku ngalih and my arms are pretty tired.

On the way to the pool, it was already raining rintik rintik, but since semangat ku kuat,ku taruskan jua....ganya hujan rintik rintik, alum swimming pool kana tutup.

Afternoon after a short nap, I went to tasek lama, around 3pm lah. They weren't so many people yet, kereta pun nda banyak, so sanang parking. First i did the loop which is from tasek lama to b.salilah and back to tasek lama using main road. i managed to improve my time to 28:45mins. Rest for a while.

I continue my run to the top and instead to the left, aku ke kanan, using the challenging trail where the hills is very steep. Aku turun and naik and bepatah balik using the same challenging trail. I managed to do 2.19k in 33mins. mostlynya aku bejalan. Actually, tadi petang atu, ada iklan kan hujan sudah, rintik rintik....selaginya alum hujan ribut....belari kekal jua belari. LIFE MUST GO ON

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