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Friday Morning Cycling & Afternoon Swim

This morning, Me and My brother had another bicycle ride of 16.15km in 35:55 mins. The morning weather was cold and windy. The ride was from home base to stadium using the highway and back to home base using the sg akar/mentiri bypass. The first half of the ride was a bit heavy because we are riding against the headwinds. High Cadence to avoid our legs from burning (lactic acid built up). After the traffic light at T-junction of Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports, we increased the speed around 35 to 45km/h until home base. Still the time recorded is a bit slow. I think, we can do much better around 28 or 29 mins.

Our next ride is on Sunday morning and the distance is around 42KM to Bukit Shahbandar and back. hopefully this sunday morning will be full attendance - 6 cyclists

As if I'm not tired from the morning cycling and office works, I've decided to go for a swim after works at stadium. there were a lot of people swimming especially at the bottom pool. Usually those at the bottom pool are those 'lepaking' type or playing around or cuci mata or parents escorting their kids. So after a few warm up swim, I change pool to the upper site which is for people intending to really swim....there no way to 'lepak' as the pool is deep. But sometime ada jua yang jadi duyung laki, bersantai at the corner end of the pool....nda tau malu.... I've managed to do 700m swim i.e. 14 laps

next practice is Monday and probably wednesday will be my last swim before the Panaga triathlon on Sunday.....good Luck to me.....

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