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Race Against Time

Not as predicted. My actual time are all more than 2 mins plus than the predicted time.

But I'm satisfied because I didn't have any problem with my swim, my bike ride was good and my run....I finished my run with style. The only problem I have is that we arrived a bit late. 2mins before 6:30am (start of the event). We haven't paid and taken our number yet.

Everybody was ready at the pool and registration counter is almost close. When I finished setting up my bike and run equipment, the swim event has started. Luckily it is time trial event, kalau start beramai ramai, gerenti jauh ketinggalan. A few quick stretched and masuk tarus ke empty lane.

The result of the day for full event. I'm still waiting the email from the organizer for the full triathlon results. Male category 11th place (last kali aaah) and overall I'm number 14th. (fuuhh...2nd last)

If you check carefully the result above under the 'run time'. you will noticed there is a large different in time between fastest runner (green) and the other runners. His run time is 12:52mins where other runners is above 20mins. I think these runner only did 1 loop which is 2.5km. The full event should be done 2 loops with a total of 5km. If he can run 5km in 12mins, I guess he might be a world class runner........i don't think so. Looking at his swim and bike bike time is much faster than him. Ia ani samada first timer kah atau apa......Don't worry guys, I've already made a complaint to them (email them). Macam tah kana layan!!!.

2nd Place Winner for Full Event - Faizal ahmad (blue shirt)

From Left - GD (swimmer), ME, Ali (cyclist) & Halita (runner). Those three are in the Mixed Team Event

Group photo of all the participants and volunteers. Sadly, I think these year, the number of participants are less compared to the last May event. I think its because of the final year exams so that's why there are not many youngster joining in.

What did I learn:

1.More Practice
2.More Practice
3.More Practice
4.Don't depend on others what you can do yourselves......mun faham bisai !!!!

Final Note:

Those from BSB, it is advisable to drive as early as 4:45am, so that you can reach at the venue in good time (6am) where you will have ample time to register and pay. You can then setup your gear and still have time to stretch and relax your mind. Or much better.....stay overnight at Seria Town. Learn from the year better drive sendiri or tinggal di Seria.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

5km in 12mins?! *hahahaha* Looks like we have a local with Kenyan blood here in Brunei =P