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Stadium Run

Today, I've decided for a change, I would run at stadium. It's been a while since I run at the stadium. The last time was during fasting month - night time after tawarikh with my friend.

I started around 5:20pm and I managed to run 6.68Km in 37:11 mins. Overall, my pace is 5:34mins per km which I considered is my standard time. I started at Belapan and go out to main road at Bolkiah Kem passing by Orchid Garden Hotel. Then I turn left to Istana Edinburgh and run straight towards Immigration Dept. Turn left again to MOF. I speed up the hill so that my pace is still the same. After the Pusat Dakwah, i accelerate and race down to belapan since it is downhill all the way. It was raining midway but I continue and eventually the rain gave up and let me run. TQ

Tomorrow morning, Tasek Lama Trail Running....see you there

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