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Sunday - Waktu Rehat

Usually every sunday, ada saja aktiviti - cycling, running, trekking or whatever. But today, i decided to have a rest. Yesterday, I've done one and a half hour of trail running at Tasek Lama. That is enough for one day and also kaki kanan ku terpelicuk masa turun tangga di bukit Tasek Lama, so ada sikit sakit. So kira hari ani recovery day lah.

Morning, We (Mother, Wife & ME) went to tamu Kianggeh and then breakfast at Babu Kitchen. The restaurant is behind BIBD. You should try roti honey butter.......sedaaaapppp & sweet

After that Pasar Gadong. Flower shopping. We bought some bunga kiantan (red & yellow flower), christmas like trees & etc. We are slowly planting some trees and flowers so that our house will stand out a bit more. Actually, there were soooo many flowers to choose from........we didn't even finished checking all the flower stalls. Maybe next week turun lagi.

Late afternoon, After a short nap, we (Mr & Mrs) went to Mall Cineplex and watched 'The Kingdom'. Verdict......Average movie. It's about FBI helping the Arabs finding the terrorists. Yang pentingnya, inda berapa siok lah.......

After the movie, we went to fast food restaurants at Yayasan because after that we planned to go to Hua Ho Yayasan. We order some food and drinks. Guess what.....ada lalat kah atau nyamuk dalam minuman ku? eeeee.....beranti ku tarus minum. To complain, it like a waste of time. why? 1. my drink ada nyamuk/lalat, 2.the washroom is dirty 3. the staff moping the floor also deliver the foods to the table without even washing their hands 4. the cashier didn't wash their hands after handling the broom and the floor buang masa saja kan mengkomplen. That restaurant, if there was a spot check....gerenti ketaguran.....

'it's finger lickin good'

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