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Tasek Lama Trail Running

It's 6:20am and I'm at Tasek Lama. A few of early morning joggers have arrived. I think some have arrived earlier than 6am. I was supposed to meet my friends at 7am but since I need to train for B.Shahbandar Challenge, I come early and do one round of run from Tasek Lama to Bukit Salilah and back to Tasek Lama using the main road. It tooks me 29 mins just to do 1 loop of 3.9km which for me is slow. makin lambat.....need to put more quality practice. I should be able to do 26 to 24mins.

I still have time to cool down and recharge my energy while still waiting for my friends. We started the walk/run around 7:05am. First we warm up our legs dulu......

This is the starting point of the trekking.....hill climb.

But before that do a few stretches led Idham

That Irman & EL and xtras

From starting point to top peak is 300m. it's short but siksa....

downhill running !!!!

monkey see, monkey do

We finish the walk/run 1:13:38. we start at Tasek Lama and turn back at Bukit Salilah using the same route. 5.13KM.

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