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Brunei Futsal - QAF A Win The Championship

QAF A beat Beribi Bahagia 5-2. The full results are as follows;

1. QAF A - B$2,000
2. Beribi Bahagia - B$1,000
3. Kroniz Bee FC - B$800
4. Syahkampong - B$500
5. Satria - B$300
6. FC Defiant - B$200

"As the curtains were lowered, Brunei, and in particular all futsal fans, now came to know two great futsal teams which provided value entertainment along with another two unexpected opponents in the semis, KRONIZ BEE FC and SYAH KAMPONG who were third and fourth best respectively which now announced their arrival in the national futsal scene"

Extracted from . I really like these writer/reporter. Caranya membuat lapuran penuh dengan semangat. Good with words.

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