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Brunei Futsal - Syahkampong 4th

Its confirm, Syahkampong is in 4th place after beaten by Beribi Bahagia 1-0 and after that beaten by Kroniz Bee FC 2-0. The final is between QAF A VS Beribi Bahagia.

"The medic man from JBS, Zaini Hj Md Sani was seen today during the semifinal and the 3rd and 5th placing matches. His presence undoubtedly added another positive dimension to the futsal tournament's health aspect. Two security officers are also around to ensure that their services will not be needed since the referees have been handling many matches well. Today saw a red card being thrown to a Syah Kampong player for collecting two yellow cards at a time when they were trailing goals to their opponent. Thanks to the referees all are well."

"QAF A and BERIBI BAHAGIA will lock horn for tonight's 1st Brunei Futsal Tournament Open to determine which team is the futsal king in Brunei Darussalam. BERIBI BAHAGIA beat SYAH KAMPONG by 1 nil in arepeat of the Group H match held in 3rd December which ended 1-1. Earlier SYAH KAMPONG trouched top team of the same group PSB FC 5-0 last week. "

"In the other semi-final, BERIBI BAHAGIA ensured that there was no calamity like the one befalling on PSB FC - which was probably due to their over-confidence in view of the third position in the group matches held by SYAH KAMPONG. BERIBI BAHAGIA knew that SYAH KAMPONG could provide another upset and indeed during the game, SYAH KAMPONG could match the performance of the technically superior BERIBI BAHAGIA."

News clipping from

Congratulations to Syahkampong - the players, the manager, the captain and most important the supporters, thank you for supporting. Yang penting we are in the TOP FOUR. Now everybody will know mana tu kan? Team yang nombor 4 masa Brunei Futsal ari atu......hehehehehehe

( I didn't go to Stadium this morning cause I was in Limbang - ada jemputan kahwin sebelah my Wife)

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