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Bukit Shahbandar Challenge - Judgement Day


it's 6:45am

registration area

the chief guest is ready to officiate the run. It should have been 7am but delayed till 7:30am, biasalah janji melayu.......ada taklimat lah, ada ucapan lagi tu....nasib baik inda ada aerobik.....terlampau banyak red tape!!!

taking pictures while running

where to ?

I completed the course in a time of 1:18:43 and ranked 18th out of 70 plus runners in my category. Overall, I'm not satisfied with my performance. Not a good way to end the year activities with a lousy performance. There's no one to blame except me. Even though, I did sleep early but tidur ku atu masih berhutang coz tidur ku malam malam yang lepas alum abis bebayar. I was tired and exhausted. The training I did at Tasek Lama was not enough even though I managed to run all the way up to the first stairs. bangga kali ku ahhh.....banyak orang bejalan saja. Tapi lapas atu.......singgap singgap macam lauk atas lantai. Tapi yang penting aku inda last and I managed to pass a few runners before finishing.....finish with style

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