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Christmas Morning Ride

It's Tuesday and it's Christmas. It's time for another morning ride. Only five riders shown up. The other rider - Khiril, he woke up 7am and by that time we are already far far away - I guess kami masa atu along Tungku Highway road. Today all were using road bikes.

Hj Abidin and Son, Mursyid

Zaeidi with his new attire. This is the first time he is wearing a full bicycle custom.

Aliuddin with his bike

We managed to cover a distance of 35.43Km in 1:38:53 which is still cruising speed. We rode along Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Highway and then turn to Tungku Highway all the way up and then turn to Muara Tutong Highway heading back to Berakas. We stopped for a while at Hutan Simpan Berakas. And as usual, morning breakfast at one of the restaurant at Manggis Satu/Dua

Next ride is on Friday afternoon 5:30pm. This ride will be a speed /sprint ride along our sprint circuit. First we will do a warm up ride along the highway and then turn left to Old Airport, Stadium, Pusat Dakwah and then turn left to Sg Akar/Salambigar Bypass. After the roundabout, turn left and from there, FULL speed all the way to the finishing line (Spg 40)

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Anonymous said...

siuk jua... bulih join kah? kan blajar cycling ku...