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Gunung Kinabalu Sabah- part II

Expenses..... This is what you have to prepare;

(reference )

Kinabalu Park Entry RM15
Climbing Permit RM100
Insurance RM7
Transport RM10
Accommodation at Laban Rata RM546 to RM1688 per room / RM228 per person dormitory hut style
Guide Fee RM70
Certificate RM10
Porter (optional) RM66 to RM88 per 10kg

Brunei to KK by Air - RBA B$153 to B$185 (
Brunei to KK by land - car's petrol, ferry charges at Temburong & Lawas.....
KK Airport to Kinabalu Park - Maybe RM100 to RM300

So basically per person would need a budget around RM440 for the climb plus B$153 RBA plus transport to Kinabalu Park RM200 = B$432. So B$500 will be enough for the trip as long as you already have the proper clothing for the climb, if not you have to spend another B$100 to B$300. And also remember to bring energy drinks and foods such as chocolate.

So start practising.................

Before that, you must also have a good sport shoes, warm clothing, wind breaker, hat/face mask, gloves and a few other things.

I'm planning to climb again next year 2008. The last time I climb Mount Kinabalu was in December 2002 with 4 other climbers. I'm planning to go on Saturday morning flight at 8am and by 11am I'll be at Kinabalu Park ready to start the journey. By next morning sunrise I'll be at the Low's Peak watching the sun coming out. By 12 noon I'll be already at Kinabalu Park and still have a few hours for shopping before going back to Brunei at 6pm. 2 days/1 night Mt Kinabalu Adventure. Who wants to join ?

A little reminder...........
Starting next year, the accommodation rates at Laban Rata and other resorts will be increase to a new rates. If you compare the current rate for Gunding Lagadan Hut at Laban Rata is RM46 per person whereas the new rates is RM546 per room up to 2 persons and this includes 4 pack meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast & lunch).

At first, When I saw the new rates, I was very surprised. How can the rate jump so high - RM46 to RM546 Gilaaaaaaa. So I email them and email them until one of them email me back and then call me personally to explain the increase of the rate. She explained that the increase was just 15% plus 4 packed meals.

So aku tolak kira campur......+-*//*-+ = sikit saja naiknya around RM10 to RM15 dollars but due to makanan kana masukkan, berlipat ganda tia naiknya..........ohhhhhhh itu macam kah.You have to remember that the food up there is pretty much expensive.....I've been there....mahal yooooo

Below is the copy of the email from the resorts management

Dear En. ---------,

It was nice talking to you over the phone just now.

The rate of RM 546.00nett per room is a package deal for 2 Days 1 Night stay at the private room for 2 person at Laban Rata with 4 meals (packed lunch from Kinabalu Park / Mesilau, Buffet Dinner and Buffet Breakfast at Laban Rata and Buffet lunch at Kinabalu Park)

As mentioned earlier, there is another package option for your selection, 2 Days 1 Night stay at Laban Rata Dormitory Huts with all 4 meals at RM 228.00nett per night per person.

We hope the above explanation is clear to you at this point in time. Please feel free to contact or email us, should you require further assistance from our end.

Have a nice weekend.


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