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KL Trip Part Three

Tuesday, Night Time, 18th Dec. Before heading to Eye On Malaysia at Tasek Titiwangsa, We, all 8 of us have our dinner at KFC. DO you know that KFC is now open 24 hours just like McDonald

Me and my nephews

Travelling inside the tunnel

Eye on Malaysia was officially open on 6th january 2007. This giant ferris wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur during a 12-minute ride that goes 60 metres high. It offers a magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur and over 20 kilometres of its surroundings. The Eye on Malaysia is the tallest portable observation wheel in South-East Asia

For more information you can check its official website at

This is the ticket. Adult RM15 and kid RM8

One Gondola can carry a maximum of 8 people. For us, only six out of eight dare to ride the 'eye on malaysia'.

Per ride, it will takes you 12 minutes. That night, we counted 5 or 6 round to complete 12minutes ride

Hj Abidin & Wife Niza, Atiqah, My wife Hjh Roziah, Nazhem, Mursyid, Kamil & Bahar

Hello, can pick us up now....hurry up!!!

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