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Singapore Ultramarathon 2008

I was surfing around looking for 2008 races around Asia and stumble upon this amazing race. The Night Marathon 42km 0r the Night Ultramarathon 84km. Tersangat sangat lah kan ikut. Do a marathon or ultramarathon ? And it's held night more sunshine!!!!!

A brief info of the race: Ultramarathon race start at 8pm and the Marathon start at 12am. The cut-off time is 15hours or 11am. For Ultramarathon, participants must at least complete one marathon prior to this race. Ultramarathon runners have to do 2 loops of 42km

So to those runners who dare to challenge themselves....register now. Registration are already open.

Start Training....................

More info at this website:


Anonymous said...

Bah, lets do the Ultra.. alang2 jua.. n its a night run.. shud be fun..

Anonymous said...

yes lets do it. We have 5 months 2 practice. my target time is 12hours. what your target?