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Swim & Run

Afternoon, 4:30pm - I went to stadium swimming pool and I managed to do 600m of swims. Since it was still early, I've decided to run. It's been 3 weeks since I last run - Bukit Shahbandar Challenge.

Since I didn't wear my Garmin, so I measured the distance using Google Earth.

I decided to start my run in front of the national stadium, so I moved my car from the swimming pool parking lot to the stadium parking lot. I've managed to run 3.90km in a time of 21:48:07 minutes. Slow rasanya macam panyu ketulahan. Berat rasanya lama inda berlari ani. I was breathing heavily, I was feeling rather sluggish. Kalau macam ani rasanya, I ought to start back running as soon as possible. No, I should have started yesterday.

I heard that there will be half marathon 21km gonna be held sometime next April 2008. I don't know who is the organiser, where and when it will take place. If you think you want to join, it's time to practice. Keep on running................

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