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time & runners

What has time got to do with a runner? well everything.
  • with time, a runner will know how fast/slow he is running.
  • with time, a runner can plan/schedule his run.
  • with time, a runner can managed his time very well

Once a runner has targeted a specific event such as a marathon, half marathon, 10k run, Olympic day run, hash run, trail running or triathlon, that runner will plan his run according to how many days/weeks/months he has time to practice/train. A runner will dedicate his time to improve his running and hoped that he can achieve a new personal record (PR) or personal best (PB).

A dedicated runner will try and certainly will achieve the time that he has allocated for his training. Early morning run, late afternoon run, a night run or a shower run. A runner will always find time for his run. He will find excuses just to run. If he cannot run in the morning due to heavy rain, he will do it in the afternoon. If he has no time in the afternoon due to extra works at the office, he will run night time. That is a dedicated runner or simply call a runaholic. he might not be an elite runner, the fastest runner or a sponsored runner but to him running is everything.

A runner that is so obsessed with running will go to a length of participating in other countries at his on expenses. He doesn't have to wait to be sponsored or selected as a national runners to go to other countries. He loves his running. He runs because it makes him happy. To him, all the expenses meant nothing compared to the joy and the experience gain. Winning is not important, having fun is important. Running is a free stress therapy.

Time management - a runner will become time obsess. He will sleep early just to get enough rest. set his alarm clock so that he wake up on time.

A true runner will never come late to an event. Some runners are even prepared to come 2 to 3 hours before the run so that they have ample time to warm up and stretch. A runner knows that if he comes late, he will not have much time to prepare himself. You need to be free of stress for your run.

He is not a true runner if time is not important, he cannot managed time and every run/event is just another run for him. Every run/event is as important and memorable as the next run/event.

If you appreciate time, a runner will and always comes early to an event. In a mass start event such as 10k run, cycling race or a triathlon event, coming late is not an option. If you're late, that's it, all the training gone, all the effort and time you have put in is gone. 5 minutes before the race start and you've just parked your car at the end of the road coz all the parking has been taken and you have to walk 800m to the starting line. By the time you reach the starting line, everybody else is running 'away' from you towards the finish line. If you still want to run, you might be able to catch the slow runners but they 'the slow runners' will catch you mid race. By that time, your energy/fuel are all drain out because you have to put an extra effort to catch up all the other runners. Just because you are late. Once again LATE - see ya at the finishing line.

Please take note to the event organizer, if you say 6:30am race, we the runners will come at 5:30am. For us 'janji melayu' doesn't take into account for these event. If is an opening ceremony, doa selamat, dinner date, lunch date or whatever event it is - janji melayu tetap janji melayu......keep on running !!!


Anonymous said...

aiseh men! Ouch sungguh tajam tapi professional

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar... Totally agree with you pawang... except that im always late for my races.. hehe..

anakpanyu said...

as long as you can catch up with the other runners, then it's ok....keep on running