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A visit to Limbang

I think it's more than a year since I went to Limbang. Yesterday, I have the chance to visit Limbang lagipun ada my wife punya relative kawin di sana.

A new building have been erected outside the Limbang Immigration Control Post. I don't know what building is this. Shopping Complex, Restaurant or the new Immigration Control Post.

Kemana jalan ke Limbang ???

Driving up the bridge. Everybody is following the rule. No overtaking double lines

Driving down the bridge. Double line kali tu ahhh.....inda kali bulih memotong aahh. The shaded plate is Brunei's car.

One of the Brunei's car got a punctured tyre. Very very dangerous!!!!!

We arrived just on the right time for the wedding

Penyambut tetamu

Thank you for coming !!

Datang and tarus menikmati jamuan - 'Malaysian Style'

Raja Sehari. The pictures is a bit blurred cause I shoot it from far away. Malas kan masuk

Mana jalan balik ke Brunei ???

we went back around 1:30pm and the queue sampai arah construction site. I heard that those who went back at 3pm, have to queue up for 2hours to reach the Kuala Lurah border.

This was the signage of the car in front of us - Terios

Finally, we reached the border - 30 mins saja.

Welcome to Brunei Darussalam

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