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Friday - Last Day

Blogging From KL

Today is my last day at KL. Tomorrow balik ke Brunei. Kami punya training pun half day. We finished around 12:45pm. Afternoon is revision and lab work and I guess the others all went back, maybe ada a few stay back lah.

I went to KLCC Mosque for a friday prayer. Last week udah ku miss so this week inda bulih miss. The mosque is half the size of Masjid Serusop and by the time I arrived there which was 1:10pm, it was already full. So I have to sit on top of the stairs with no aircond, no kipas no wind....all hot and sweaty from walking to the mosque. rahmat rahmat di Brunei. By khutbah time, orang masih ramai baru kan datang. By prayer time, the mosque is fully packed sampai ada yang sembahyang arah tangga, bawah pokok, walkway and di mana mana ada tempat kosong.

This is so pack sampai ada yang sembahyang bawah pokok.

KLCC Park playground. Its so big.

KLCC Park Playground swimming pool.

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