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KLCC Morning Run

Blogging From KL

GoooooodMorninggggggggggggg !!!. I've just finished my morning run at KLCC Park. I've managed to run 4:09KM in a time of 21:14mins or 3 loops of KLCC Park. This time I used Nike+ to track my running. My Garmin measured a distance of 3.90Km in a time of 21:09mins. I keep on losing GPS signal due high trees and surrounding building. That why the distance measured from Nike+ and Garmin are off by 0.19km.

I'm still trying to upload my running data to nike+ website but I'm having problem uploading it. I'll try it later coz I've class at 9am.

Keep on running wherever you are...................

After the run at KLCC, I went back to the hotel and decided to try stair running. The Hotel is 15 storeys with 19 steps in between each floor. I only managed to run 10 storeys and the rest I just walked. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to run all the way up to the top floor.

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