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New Year 2008

5 days since we left 2007. What did you accomplished? New Year, New Hope, New Dreams or still doing the old same things.

This year, i've planned to set a few goals or targets such as completing a full or half triathlon, set a new PR/PB in running, bicycle race, duathlon/biathlon.......and a few other things.......

Five days into the new year, I've done a total of 22Km of running, 16km of cycling and 1000m of pool swim. So far so good. Yang inda siok, aku inda sempat register for Singapore Ultramarathon coz it was fully booked by the time aku kan register. :(((

Tomorrow, it's time for our Sunday Morning Ride. So to the groupie, please make sure your bicycles are in 'good shape'.

Keep on Sweating, stay healthy and keep in mind new year, new hope (new year, old hope)

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