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Saturday Activitiy

Blogging From KL

Today activity was - Lunch at KL Tower revolving restaurant. This is the fourth time I've eaten there and baru kali ani ku tau kalau makan di restaurant atu, kitani dapat ke observation deck. So after makan, kami ke observation deck since my brother alum pernah ke sana.

Eye On Malaysia at Tasek Titiwangsa

View from the top

Flying Fox at KL Tower. This is at the ground level not at the top level. Crazy or what...!!!

After that we went to KSH Bicycle shop and BikePro Bicycle Shop. I've called the shop two weeks ago to order Scott CR1 Pro size XS for my brother. He said he will ordered it from Singapore since they don't have stock and it will only takes a week but since last week I've been calling the shop, they said the bike haven't come. You know what I think, he didn't ordered the bike same just like last time when I ordered and booked 4 road bikes. All the 4 bikes that we wanted weren't the correct sizes and we end up buying different bikes - not as planned.

And it is the same this time, when we arrived there today, He said the only bike that arrived is size XXS and its not a full bike - just a frame. So if I agreed, they will build up the frame to a full bike. What option do we have. Ambil saja lah. So we will be coming back to the shop on Tuesday.

One more week, then I'm back to Brunei. yeaaahhhhhhh, cant wait to see my lov 1.

My ticket and accommodation for the KL Towerthon have been confirmed. I've managed to get some quality running today after we went back to the hotel. I've managed to run 2.13km in a time of 11:20mins. After that I did 3 reps of stair running from ground floor to 15th floor. overall my average time for stair running is 2:10mins. I still need more stair running training and I'm run out of time.............

Whatever, keep on running....................

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