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Sunday Morning Ride

Yesterday we managed to cycle 47.8Km in a time of 1:52:41 hours. I know it's a slow time but since it is a cruise ride, so the time is acceptable. Our average speed is roughtly below 25Km/h.

One rider didn't turn up. We guess he didn't wake up on time. So only 6 six of us including my brother yang baru balik haji ikut berbasikal. By the end of the month, most probably he will be buying a new road bike.

We take a break at Bukit Shahbandar around 10 to 15mins. Usually this is the time kami membuang and merefill mana mana yang kurang.

Look at the Jersey -

Our next ride will be on 1st muharram 1429H either morning or afternoon and we plan to cycle to Serasa Beach and Muara Beach.

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