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Wednesday Morning Workout

Blogging From KL

I woke up late around 8:45am, the sun is high and hot but I managed to convince myself to do some morning running.

So at 9:16am, I went to KLCC Park and managed to run 5.52Km in a time of 28:31mins. I did 2 loops counter clockwise and the other 2 loops clockwise. After that I went around the park - they have a very big area for children playground and they even have a swimming pool for kids. siok eehh. Its a very good place to bring your children here. Its very secure and safe as they have security personnel guarding the area.

I went back to the hotel and had a very quick breakfast. Since it is still early - 10:30am. I went for a swim. Segar rasa badan......

I tried to update my Nike+ running to its website but its seems that their server is down. why is that aahahhh.

Keep on running and stay healthy

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