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Chinese New Year Afternoon Ride

Actually it was supposed to be an early morning ride but due to 'raining at the last minute' - 6:30am ride and the rain started to pour down 6:25am. So cancelled.

The ride started around 5:10pm and the route was to Salambigar bypass and back to roundabout Sg Akar and proceed towards National Stadium. Only five riders showed up and the other two have other plan.

Today, we had two punctures. Once at the Sg Akar/Salambigar bypass (pic above) and the other punctures at National Stadium. As my brother wasn't carrying spare tube for his MTB, so we have to call in for help and luckily my niece was available to pick up my brother.

There will be a Cycling Expedition at Temburong District on the 24th February in conjunction of Brunei's 24th National Day and for sure our group will be taking part.

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