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KL Towerthon Challenge 2008 - The events

I've just got back from KL a few hours ago. 12 hours ago to be exact 8am sunday morning, I've just participated KL Towerthon 2008. How was it? I was expecting for it to be difficult and hard. Instead it was easy. Yes, it was easy!!!

My unofficial time was 22.28mins. I could have clocked a better time. I was saving my energy and as a result I wasn't that tired, my legs are not sored and when I reached to the top, I still have a lot of energy. What a waste. Actually, I was being too careful not to waste my energy. The stairs has no indicator what floor level we are in, so I cannot calculate at what floor level should I used my extra energy. The only indicator was the last 4th floor......huuhhhhhh.

Next year, maybe I will ikut lagi and this time my target is to get below 19mins or better below 17mins. It's easy waahhh.....

More photos of the KL Towerthon will be posted at a later date.

Keep On Running.........................

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