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McFarm Location

Where is Mcfarm - A place where mountain bikers 'main' their mtb? We'll ikut saja highway Tungku link until you come this signage as below. Turn <--- left to Perumahan Rakyat Jati Tungku

Turn <---- left

Turn ----> right

Turn ---> right at the traffic light

Just drive straight all the way until you come across a roundabout

The roundabout. <--- to Perpindahan Tungku. ---> to Pusat Latihan Mekanik/McFarm

Follow the signage

Mcfarm - AgroTech.

The McFarm is located on the left hand side after the roundabout. There are many offroad trail and some are leading to Jerudong Jungle - keluar to one of the hotel in Jerudong. antah aahhh aku pun inda tau...alum ku pernah.
The other trail is to JIS. The trail was supposed to be a road leading from the roundabout to JIS but the project stop half way and the road was ditinggalkan macam atu...alum siap.....jadi offroad trail.

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