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Perlumbaan Basikal Kebangsaan 2008

Today, there was a bicycle race starting at National Stadium, Berakas. The distance covered is around 150Km. There were less than 25 cyclists participated in the race. I wondered, where are all the cyclists? I was expecting around 50 cyclists.

The race route included Hassanal Bolkiah Highway, Tunkgu Link Highway,Muara/Tutong Highway, Penanjong, Sg Akar Bypass, Mentiri, Kota Batu and Subok and Jalan Kebangsaan.

How about our group? We are not ready yet. Hopefully by next year we will participate, if not all of us maybe 1,2 or 3 participate. Why next year?? As far as I know, this type of race is organised once a year. Kalau ada lagi tahun ani, maybe ikut....maybe jua tu......alum pulang tau abis tu

Around 25 cyclists, less than half finishes the race. It is a very demanding sport compared to running, that's why not many are willing to participate in the race eventhough tiap tiap hari berbasikal.

Cyclists getting ready

The Most Senior Cyclists

Flag Off 8am by Yang DiPertua Persatuan Basikal

Wait for me !!!

The spectators

One of the photoblogger

Downhill ride at Bukit Mentiri roundabout

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

4th Place winner

Congratulations to all the riders who finishes the race. Well done !!!. To those did not finish the race, you are still considered brave and has courage to try compared to those didn't participate. uhuk uhukkk.......macam aku jua tu........:))) lain kali saja

Keep on riding........

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