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Sepang F1 Circuit - Bicycle Race

The Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is organising a cycling event - the SIC Kencana Petroleum Criterium Race on the 2nd March 2008.

Fuyoooooo...siok kali tu aahhhh. racing on the F1 circuit using road bike. A dream coming true. So tambah lagi wish list for next year. So far dua udah - Singapore Ultramarathon (82Km) and Sepang F1 Bicycle Race.

The race distance is 5.54Km per lap. Men Open category is 12 laps, junior open 8 laps, women open 6 laps and veteran open 4 laps. First 70 winners will get an F1 ticket plus cash prize to top 10 winners. The entrance fee is RM10 only. murah tu yooooo........angan angan ku udah belumba

One year to upgrade my road bike....tukar engine to full carbon, pasang NOS, pasang carbon wheel and lastly pasang bionic legs supaya inda ngalih........

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