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Sunday Morning ride

5 riders, 5 road bikes and we managed to cover a distance of 42.57Km in a time of 1:37:51 hours.

The weather was very good - cold weather with some places having hujan rintik rintik. We started off with high cadence of average speed around 27/28Km/hr. Then after Tungku Link bridge, we increase the speed to 32 to 37Km/hr with a bit of interval.

This is the first time in group that we managed to test the speed of our bike and our leg endurance.

From Tungku Link Highway, we turn right heading toward Muara. At first the planned was to go all the way to Muara roundabout but as some of us are already energy depleted with all the speeding, so we made a U-turn near Tanah Jambu Highway and headed back to Lambak Kanan.

As usual, before heading home, breakfast at the usual place.

Next planned is to start at Bukit Shahbandar and ride all the way to Tutong and back to starting point. Its gonna be straight, flat, fast with some long inclines. Zooommmmmmmmmmm

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