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Larian Subuh

Akhirnya, dapat jua ku berlari sebelum 6 pagi. I woke up around 5:19am and buat apa apa yang patut seperti 'melabur', subuh pray, breakfast and a bit of stretching.

I started at 5:45am. It's still dark and cold and a bit windy. The SUN is still asleep. The sunrise is around 6:20am. Mula mula kan memakai baju long sleeve and tight........sejuk kali aahhhh. But last last ku pakai saja my normal running attire. short sleeve t-shirt with shorts.

Today route was to roundabout Mentiri and the distance is around 20Km plus. Since I'm not carrying any fluid (except mobile phone & 2 powerbar gel), I've prepared four water checkpoints - 2 water bottle and 2 100+ which I have hidden along a marked checkpoint known only to me a day earlier.

I finished my run around 7:58am and I managed to run 20:34km in a time of 2:15:09 hours. i'm feeling rather good, not to tired and rasanya bulih lagi berlari karang petang.........alummmmmmmm

Move on to another activities:

Thursday: Road bike ride 17.62Km in a time of 48:46.66 mins and I managed to reached a maximum speed of 50.4km/hr at our usual Sprint Marker. Only 5 riders.

Wednesday: I decided to do a speed run instead of the usual 8k run. First a 5k run of 30:22mins and then 5 repeats of hill sprints with is about 50 to 60 meter long with hill steepness increasing at the top.

Tomorrow activity:

Road bike ride to Pos Kawalan Polis Tasek Biru Lebuhraya Muara Tutong which is around roughly 80km (40/40).

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