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McFarm Ride #2

Yesterday, it was another McFarm ride. It was raining heavily in the afternoon and it stopped around 4pm. So we decided to try the wet muddy trail. Only 4 riders showed up. The rest maybe chickened out or takut basikal kamah (kotor).

riding on a yellow muddy road downhill

My Muddy Tire. Luckily I installed front and rear fender (Topeak)

what a dirty tyres

resting for a while after a climb. preparing for the next challenging climb. The rider in front is the only rider using a clipless pedal. The rest of us, pakai kasut biasa saja, so senang menyelamatkan diri if something happen

FAIL to climb

Another rider fail to climb

The only successful rider climbing the hill.

small pond

big pond. cleaning the tyres

The tyres are clean after riding thru the big pond. My GT bike with front and rear fender.

Maybe next week, main lagi di McFarm or tukar tempat di Bypass road Sg Akar/Salambigar near the new RTB building.
Bicyclethon tomorrow at the old airport.

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