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1st Brunei Tasek Climbathon

Can you complete the challenge in 27mins???

That the tag line. I think I can complete within that time. Yes, It's confirmed. Sunday, 20th April 2008 at Tasek Lama Recreational Park, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. Entrance fee is B$40 for Men Open Category.

Mula mula malas kan ikut, takut injured, nanti inda dapat ikut Singapore Ultramarathon 31st May. tapi fikir fikir, baik ikut, rugi rasanya....1st time lagi.......

So I have to be extra careful.......naik bukit berlari, turun bukit bejalan so to minimize the possibility of leg/ankle being injured or twisted.


Anonymous said...

mcm siuk usulnya.. baru jua ku nampak in today's paper. but mahal ih, too pricey.. B$40 for the mens open??? crazy.. but kalau ramai ikut ku kali..

Anonymous said...

I ageed abosolutely that it is PRICY. It sort of like a case of a small run big entrance fee.

I am not joining but would rather choose to run at KL or Kuching

Anonymous said...

Yeap, it should be organised to encourage healthy life style and exercise. Why price it until no incentive for most people to join.

Anonymous said...

i agree to both of you......mahal hantap!!!! I hoped the goodie bag contain that worth the entrance fee. Just a reminder, the organizer is an event management just like the Brunei marathon organizer - cekik darah tapi hopefully their service will be better than the brunei marathon organizer.

Anonymous said...

Hi anankpanyu

I am from Malaysia, and I am interested in running in the Brunei Darussalam 21K Half Marathon, how can I register for that? Is there a Brunei Darussalam Amateur Athletics Assocciation number/email that I can contact?

Please reply me at

Thanks! Cheers, Michele