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60K Sunday Morning Ride

Bike 4 sale???

It was another successful ride with no tyre punctures. Today only 6 riders showed up with one guess rider - Michael Lee. We started around 6:45 am. The route was from Sg Akar - Highway - Tungku Link - UBD - Muara Highway - Muara Roundabout - Muara Highway - Lambak Housing Highway - Breakfast at Manggis

We managed to cover 61.94 km in 2:25:20 hours.

Next week I'm planning to do a hill training. Start at Sg Akar - Jalan Kebangsaan - Jalan Kianggeh - Kota Batu - Mentiri - Sg Akar Bypass - Manggis

Saturday - I was supposed to do 3 to 4 hours of running but I only managed to 1:30hours and covered a distance of around 12km. I was very tired and not yet fully recovered from Friday bike riding.

Another week of low mileage........not a good sign

Summary of This Week Activities
Monday - rest
Tuesday - morning 5.10 km run
Afternoon 4.96 km
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - rest
Friday - MTB at McFarm
Saturday - 12km run
Sunday - 60 Km bike ride

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