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Home Run

Today, i've decided go back home by running. This is not my first time. I've done it more than 10 times already and this year saja, 3 kali udah.

I've managed to get 9.41km in a time of 56:24:73 mins. The last 3 km, I increased my pace so that I can reached home before the clock strike 60 mins. It was a good run and I enjoyed it.

Time start: 5:13pm
Time Finish: 6:08pm
Distance: 9.41km
Calories: 631
Ave heart rate: 156bpm
Ave pace: 5:59/km
Meal before run: One hour before - Milo Pink, Egg sandwich & Chicken Sandwich. 10 mins before run - Powerbar Chocolate gel.

next sunday is Larian Cabaran Bukit Markucing and I'm planning to run all out. The strategy is to run with the fast runners and the first hill is 400 meter after the starting line. That is where I can outran some of them (not all of them). Hopefully, I can get top 20 or top 10. Acara bertaraf kampong, so maybe ada peluang untuk menang....aminnnnnnnnnn
Keep on running dude................

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