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Larian Cabaran Mendaki Bukit Markucing - The Results

The news - I didn't win and no rank number. My time was 23:33mins. The fastest time was around 15 mins. I'm not so sure about it. There were around 100 to 150 registered runners from pro to fun runners.

The best thing was that our family was the center of attention because my mother who is 78 years old took part in the race and all his children also took part (except for my sister lah - berwakil kan anak anaknya)
More news and update - Brudirect, Media Permata, BorneoBulletin,

the running path to the first hill

the registration area

runners getting ready

the veteran runners - 3 of my brothers are in these categories (bib no 2 ,3 & 4)

Jeffry - one of the organizing commitee members

One of the steep hill - most of the runners have to walk

the runners enjoying the drinks after the race

Free milo and water after the race

Ahmadi & Bahar

the slow runners/joggers/walkers

Hj Roselan

My mother - the last participant being escorted by more than 8 peoples

The nearer to the finish line, more & more people escorted here - to give moral support

makin ramai kan!!!

My mother receiving her prizes for being the oldest female participants

My mother with her children, grandchildren and daughter-in-law
(from back to front, left to right )(the number represents from the eldest to the youngest)
(Hj Nayan - 1, Bahar - 7, Aliuddin - 8, Hj Untong - 3, Zaeidi - 4.1, Hj Kahar - 2)
(Hidayat - 6.2, Rafidah - 4.3, Hjh Pasang, Halita - W6, Suhaili - 6, Hj Abidin - 5)

My mother being interviewed by RTB. famous lah kami sekeluarga

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