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Slow Week

Today is Friday and so far I only managed to run 10km and that was on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, I was too tired and sleepy. Tidur awal udah ku tu - 9:30pm but still masih rasanya inda cukup tidur. Maybe aku masih berhutang tidur last saturday & sunday.

I only have three days before the end of the week to get some quality exercise.

Friday - MTB ride at McFarm
Saturday - 3 -4 hours run ~25 to 30km
Sunday - Road Riding

1st Brunei Tasek Climbathon - I email everyone at my office including the routemap and the registration form. Then someone reply to me saying that the event was postponed to May 2008 and to call the organizer hotline number to confirm. So I did. Mana ada kana postponed katanya. Kana tanya pulang ku balik dari mana ku mendengar berita ani. kurang asam banar.........

Slow as a turtle (on land)
Swim swiftly as a turtle (in water)

Turtle = Penyu
Tortoise (Land Turtle) = Kura Kura

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