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Sunday Morning Hill Ride

It's another sunday morning ride. This time its 40.55km in a time of 1:46:36 hours. The route was from Sg Akar - Jalan Kebangsaan - BSB - Jalan Kianggeh - Kota Batu - Mentiri - Sg Akar.

There were around 8 hills including 2 long mid-rise hills (1 - 1.5km). It was a challenging ride for six of us.

Next ride will be on Tuesday at Sg Akar Criterium. This time we are planning to do 3 loops.

Keep on riding................

Summary of this week activities;

Monday - rest
Tueday - 8.21km morning run & 15.56km afternoon ride
Wednesday - 8.05km run
Thursday - rest
Friday - 28.30km McFarm ride
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 40.55km ride

From above, it seems that I'm doing more cycling and rest compared to running. Only 16 km run for this week. Buruk, starting tomorrow........I'm aiming to get 30 km overall run.

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