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Tuesday Afternoo' Ride

Sg Akar Circuit - 3 hill climb and 1 sprint (~2km)

We started at spg 40 and cycle all the way to PGGMB school and go out to Sg Akar Bypass up to roundabout and turn left for a 2km sprint to the spg 40. We only managed to do 2 loops.

The last sprint - aku rasa kan pengsan and all of us pun rasa inda cukup kami stop. Next week buat lagi. Hari cuma kami 3 saja. maybe next week tambahkan rider so lebih banyak orang terseksa.

Total distance covered (2 loops) - 15.56km in 39:15 mins

Summary of today workout

Distance -15.56km
Time - 39:15:47 mins
Calories - 367
Ave Speed - 23.8 km/h
Max Speed - 53.6 km/h
Meal before ride - lunch meal 12pm (mee goreng)

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