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Zero Xcercise

I've just got back and I'm so damn tired. Tired not from running or cycling or swimming but from overnight working. So sleepy right now that my eyes just want to go to sleep without closing the eyes.

Working from yesterday morning until today morning with only 3 hours break. And for that my training are affected by it due to work preparations for yesterday project.

So in summary, my training for these week are;

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 17.21km run
Wednesday - 7.62km run
Thursday - rest
Friday - 500m pool swim
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

More rests than exercising is no good to the body and mind (for me lah), i don't know about youlah.

I have a new running shoes that my friend bought it for me (aku berkirim with the money lah). Its the same brand, model sizes and color of my current running shoes that I bought in KL - The Nike Air Structure Triax 10+ blue color. So I have 2 pair of shoes of the make and model.

Tomorrow, I have to (must) run more than 15k or longer than 20k.

Keep on running dude.......................................

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