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2 X 5

Yesterday i did 5 km run in the morning and 5km in the afternoon. Morning i ran around my house and in the afternoon i ran at belapan track and field

5.28km in a time of 30:12 mins and 5.05km in a time of 26:25mins

Today, in the afternoon, I decided to run another 5km around stadium area. 29:14 mins in a distance of 5.01km

What else ahhh.....Monday aku swimming after work. Around 700m. The upper deck was way too crowded, selalu saja accident. So i decided to stop before something bad really happens.

9 more days to my first ultra. hmmmmmmmm...............redaaahhhh ajeeeeeeeee!!!!!

(payah jua mun abis idea ani.....nda tau apa kan di blog - berlari saja ehhhh)

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