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7.2 Explain

Go Broadband 7.2Mbps <---- what do you understand from this??!! Well according to one of the writer at 'Have Your Say' (, this is the true meaning (edited for easy understanding)

What was your first impressions when you heard it is “ speeds of up to 7.2Mbps!”?
It is NOT 7.2 MEGABYTES per second
It is 7.2 MEGABITS per second
note that: (b) is bits(B) is bytes
7.2Mbps = 7.2 Megabits per second
7.2MBps = 7.2 Megabytes per second

now.. then what is the different?
don’t get confused..

calculation starts here:
1Bytes = 8 bits
that means, when you convert 7.2 MEGABITS per second (Mbps) into MEGABYTES per second (MBps):7200/8 = 900kb/s of download rate!!
so when you subscribe “GO! Broadband”,
you are promised to get a connection of up to 7.2Mbps!! (900kb/s)say, you want to download mp3 which is a size of (3MB), it will take only around ~ 4 seconds.. wow!! extremely fast isnt it??
naaahhh.. sini tah org yang inda tahu…

trick nya disini:
the word “a connection of up to 7.2Mbps!!”
“..up to..” this “GO! Broadband” is SHARED connection!!
say, 20 people subscribe “GO! Broadband”, if these 20 people is downloading at the same TIME, your 7.2Mbps (900kb/s) is divided by 20, so each of these people will get 45kb/s of download rate
say, 1000 of people subscibe “GO! Broadband”, if these 1000 people is downloading at the same TIME, your 7.2Mbps (900kb/s) is divided by 1000, so each of these people will get 1.11 kb/s of download rate

BUT!! dont worry.. there is a HARD possibility of 1000 people downloading at the same timepeople only need just surf the internet. say, you are the only person who uses “GO! Broadband” at the very morning (maybe 4am), so you will enjoy a download rate of 900kb/sincredible right?

in conclusion: the word “a connection of up to 7.2Mbps!!”
meaning you can burst your connection up to 900kb/s at some time..

“The high speed data communications service using a variation of ADSL or ” e-speed ” will connect BruNet users at higher speeds of 512kbit/s, 640kbit/s, 768kbit/s or 1000kbit/s with unlimited surfing depending on the service package that these users will subscribe to.”
“…will connect BruNet users at higher speeds of 512kbit/s…”
so this plan promised to its customer that they will have a FIXED connection of 512kbits/s (64kb/s of download rate)

NETKAD or SIMPUR is connected via 56k modem.. in other words, its 56kbits/s which is at maximum of 7kbps of download rate..
im sure some of you guys dont understand about internet me if you need more explaination..
This post was submitted by Internet Surfer.

Tell me about bmobile punya 7.2mbps. for me yg sudah test go basic broadband 7.2mbps compare with bmobile 7.2mbps difference nya laju lagi dst punya go broadband. mengapa ada perbezaan? apakah disebabkan signal? aku ni pelanggan bmobile plg ni, baru2 ani aku apply dst go basic plan utk internet surfing saja. belum lagi ku apply dst punya line utk betelepon. pasalnya rate nya mahal kalau nepon ke bmobile operator. atu lah sebabnya aku masih stick to bmobile.

This is my espeed bandwidth test (512Kbps). tested on 6th May 2008, 21:04.
Location: Kg Sg Akar, Mukim Berakas B
Test Using Window XP Desktop PC

My Go Broadband 7.2Mbps test. Tested on 6th May 2008, 21:31
Location: Kg Sg Akar, Mukim Berakas B
Test Using Apple Mac Book


Unknown said...

Just curious, which modem are you using? Did you ever get 7.2Mbps speeds?

I am currently getting at max speed of 2.5Mbps approx at few places. I checked speedtest's history of previous tests and some people are getting above 3.5Mbps at times.

Anonymous said...

I'm using the bandluxe C120 USB Modem. Usually i'm connected at a speed of 7.2Mbps.

But when tested using speedtest, the upload & download are very slow. 312 kbps download and 22kbps for upload. tested wed, 24/09/08 13:49. location Kg sg akar

Anonymous said...

Kalau tinggal berdekatan sempadan Brunei/Limbang, signal Go dst broadband inda berapa kuat. Di bandar ok laju sampai mencecah 1000+kbps, tapi masa pagi saja tu. Selepasnya atu, inda tia berapa laju dibawah 200kbps.