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Final Run

I've just just finished my last training run before saturday race. I've managed to run 23.57 mins in a distance around 4.1km.

Yesterday was my second last run of 5km in 30.52mins.

Tuesday, My office mate decided to try to run from our office to his home at Lambak Housing and bring me along for support. We ran along Jalan Kebangsaan, Sg Akar bypass / highway and to Manggis Satu. I turn around at Tiong Hin Roundabout and headed back home. I managed to cover 10.89km in a time of 1:12:35 hours. For him, I guess his distance was around 13 to 14 km. Congratulations to Idham.

I'll be going off to Singapore today and Saturday will be the run -> 8:30pm

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good Luck dude! =)