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Just Another Sunday Morning Ride

It was just like other sunday morning ride. We gathered at our mother's house at 6:30am. Waited for everyone to come and way we go. As usual, everyone showed up today - all 6 of us.

Today journey was our usual route to Bukit Shahbandar and U-turn at Pantai Jerudong, headed back to home. We managed to cover 45.50km in a time of 1:38:54 hours.

In 2 weeks, there will be a bicycle expedition organised by JKR in conjunction with the world water day. The distance covered will be around 38km. This time our group will be using MTB instead of road bikes.

We heard from a reliable source that there gonna be a bicycle expedition from Kuala Belait to Muara. It will be held in August and organised by HSBC. The distance covered will be around 120km. I don't know whether this is open to public or by invitational.

Keep on riding....................vroooommmmmmmmmmm

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